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The History Department regularly offers survey courses in American and European history and the history of the Pacific Northwest. Occasionally, faculty members make available more specialized courses in African, Asian, American, or European history.

History isn't my major. Why take these classes?

  • Personal interest
  • Courses fulfill a variety of requirements
    • Students planning to earn an Associate of Arts (AA) degree and transfer to a four-year institution, for example, can take history classes to meet the Social Sciences distribution requirement for Area 1. (See the AA degree planning sheets)
    • Those considering majoring in history might want to choose history as an "Emphasis Area" under the AA degree Method II.
  • Running Start students can earn college credits and fulfill high school history or social sciences requirements
  • Students who plan to earn an Associate of Science degree can find history courses to be useful and interesting electives.

For whatever reasons students choose to take them, history courses at Highline Community College help students develop important skills that are readily transferable to other disciplines: reading carefully, writing clearly, and thinking critically.

History Seminar
Wednesdays during fall and spring quarters.

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Building 3, room 102